Here Come The Mummies brought their funky groove to Louisville’s Mercury Ballroom, supported by Lazy Sunday.

From the Highlands area of Louisville, Lazy Sunday began the evening with a solid mix of alternative rock. They are a young group of excellent musicians and were a perfect start to the evening.

Following Lazy Sunday, as the stage lights fell, everyone in The Mercury Ballroom focuses their attention to the back of the room as Here Come The Mummies enter through the venue’s front doors. Adorned with a headlamp and playing snare drums, members of the Mummies march straight through the packed crowd and take their places on stage. Joined there by the additional Mummies, wearing over-sized bass drums, they whip the crowd onto a fever pitch before rolling straight into their opening song, “Carnal Carnival.” From there, the Mummies were in total control.

Playing a non-stop two-hour set of innuendo-filled songs (some more blatant than others) that ooze 70s funk from every note, the Mummies played fan favorites “Ra Ra Ra,” “VIP,” “Freak Flag,” “Pants,” and “Booty” that had the crowd dancing and moving. Close to the end of the show, Mummy B.B. Queen joined Mummy Java center stage, in playing the Cowbelt (a waist-mounted cowbell played using hip thrusts ), which brought smiles to everyone’s faces – who doesn’t need more Cowbell after all?

It was hard to tell who was having a better time; the Mummies or the fans. Many in attendance will be hoarse the morning after from singing along with the group and sore from dancing all-night long.

At the end of the evening, the band invited the audience to come back to the merchandise table for a picture and some personal time which is just outstanding. It really shows how much the Mummies care about their fans.

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