Louisville’s Original Metal show at the Cure Lounge featured a crushing performance by Hellfire Militia with The Darkening and Stout.

The Cure Lounge in Louisville, Kentucky recently hosted what the venue billed as the “Original Metal” show and National Rock Review was on hand to document all the madness.

Based on the quality of the performances as well as the crowd reaction and interaction with the bands throughout the course of the evening, it’s safe to say that Louisville’s metal scene is more than alive and well. Headlining the show were local outfit Hellfire Militia. The band’s brand of blackened death metal is reminiscent of Lamb of God and features the intense and dominating vocals of J.D. Hall.

Hall, along with guitarist Jeff Toy (guitar), Todd Conn (bass), and Jason Proctor (drums), delivered a brutal set of original material making a strong case that there is more to Derby City than just a town people visit to watch horses take left turns for a mile or so. The music scene here is growing to become a worthy destination for metalheads.

Louisville metal scene newcomers The Darkening provided the primary support for the night’s musical festivities. Straight from the “Hell of Cuba” according to lead singer Ernesto “Pistola” Rivera, The Darkening opened their set with a high level of energy and undeniable power that instantly grabbed all those in attendance by their proverbial metal balls.

Despite the performance being the band’s second time playing the local area, the quartet came off as well seasoned veterans. Punctuated by Todd Hawkins’ deep bass tones, Oscar Pita’s seven-string guitar, the thunderous rhythms of Jordany Perez’s drumming, and Rivera’s rough-hewn vocals, the Darkening is a band worthy of your attention.

Show opener Stout‘s set was brief. However, their time on stage highlighted their solid vocals and beyond booming bass riffs, which permeated each and every one of the band’s tracks.

Hellfire Militia setlist: Swamp Witch, Chosen bastards, Pitiful Incomprehensible Demoralization, Separation Through Decapitation, Persecution, Death Crawl, Rise of the Pagans, Blacken the Sky

The Darkening setlist: The Heaviest Brick, Waiting for a Dawn, Time, Deadline, At Mountain, Wall of Illusions

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Event Date: 14-Jan-2017