Ghost rocks a fanatical crowd on the Rats! On The Road tour at The Fillmore Detroit.

Ghost has built up a loyal following and continues to expand its base with each new release and tour.  A lot has to with the mystique behind the various incarnations of Papa Emeritus and the fans that dress up to emulate him at live shows.  However, their music has also evolved over the years and if the buzz about the current single “Rats” is any indication, when the full album drops in June they will be sure to further expand their reach.

Inside the sold-out venue, fans anxiously wait for Ghost to take the stage. Many fans are dressed up in full as Papa Emeritus and others just have their faces painted.  Fans know the start is near when “Miserere Mei Deus” starts playing.  Soon the lights dim, and the nameless ghouls take the stage.  After a brief intro, the band launches into “Rats” from their upcoming release.  When Cardinal Copia hits the stage, the fans erupt in loud cheers.

The set tonight is well represented by songs from across all their albums, Meliora, Opus Eponymous, Infestissumam, Popestar, as well as several from the next release. One of the ghouls plays the opening guitar riff of the next song, and the fans immediately respond as the early breakout hit “Ritual” is played.  They follow that with two heavy songs, “Con Clavi Con Dio” and “Per Aspera Ad Inferi”, that have fans fired up as they throw their fists into the air.

The stage setup is several stairs almost the width of the stage, leading to platforms for the drummer and keyboardists.  Cardinal Copia and several of the ghouls make full use of the stage during the concert.  Behind them are three large stained-glass windows, giving the appearance of a church, although with more sinister imagery. The lighting is top-notch and smoke is used throughout the evening, adding to the vibe.

After the popular single “Cirice”, Papa Nihil makes an appearance playing the saxophone on the new song “Miasma”.  The Sisters of Sin even take the stage for a bit.  Cardinal Copia reappears, this time sporting a white suit and black hat, and cane, giving the appearance of a gangster.  He asks the crowd if they are ready for a shuffle.  At this point, he is joined by three of the ghouls on acoustic guitars for “Jigolo Har Megiddo”, during which the crowd claps and sings “Hey Hey”.  The fans are surely enjoying every minute of the show.

After a 15-minute intermission, they return to jump into “Spirit” from Meliora, and Cardinal Copia is now in full gear; a red cassock and biretta.  Their tight sound is evident during the next song as the bassist tears into “From the Pendulum to the Pit”, with thunderous low-end that sends vibrations throughout the venue.  The crowd is fully engaged, singing the familiar lyrics “it’s a long way down”.  After the new song “Faith”, the highly popular “Year Zero” gets the fans riled up.  Amid a backdrop of red lights and tons of smoke, many of the fans can be seen flashing their devil horns in the air, while singing along loudly.

Cardinal Copia takes some time to talk to the fans, asking if they want something really heavy. Ghost then cranks things up with one of their heaviest songs, “Mummy Dust”.  During the song, one of the keyboardists sits on the stairs and jams on a portable synth.  As the song nears completion, cannons shoot confetti into the air.  Closing the second set is the extremely popular single “Square Hammer” from the 2016 Popestar release.  Cardinal Copia is joined by all the ghouls at the front of the stage to thank the fans before heading off.

Returning to the stage, they close out the show with “Monstrance Clock.”. The fans certainly got their money’s worth tonight.  It is not too often you find a rock band that plays 24 songs and 2+ hours these days.  Be sure to catch them live.  It’s a highly entertaining visual and audio spectacle.  With the new release dropping soon, 2018 will surely be a big year of touring for Ghost.

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Event Date: 12-MAY-2018