Filter comes to The Fremont Street Experience with support from Lit.

For the second summer show in the One Louder Summer Concert Series, Fremont Street sticks with 90’s and 2000’s rock with Lit and Filter.  Each show the crowds seem to grow and this is no exception.  Playing on the First Street Stage, there is a more intimate feeling and the crowd starts to pile in at 7:30 not wanting to miss a moment of either of these bands.  This stage wasn’t utilized last year so it is a new experience that many are interested to see.

Up first is Lit.  This California rock band blends the sound of pop punk, alternative rock, and grunge into their own sound that really defines the time period of their greatest hits.  They open with a cover of Tom Petty’s “American Girl” which really gets the crowd going.  They are full of an energy that is almost too much for this small stage to contain, but this five-piece band is determined to give the crowd an amazing set, saying they are going to fit in as many songs as they possibly can.  They go through their catalog covering different elements from their career and even highlight new music that is coming out.  The crowd sings along to “Miserable,” which is one of their most well-known songs, most fans can even recall the video to this song.  They continue along with the songs the crowd loves and then move into a track from their last album released in 2017 These Are the Days.  This is a different sound for the band, more of a country rock style, which the band acknowledges but the album had good success especially on CMT which is why it clearly should be played.  While this is a good song it is nice to hear the new music played sounding more like the Lit people are more familiar with.  With that, they close with “Enemy” then take the time to toss picks, drumsticks, and setlists to the waiting crowd.

The stage is switched over and there is a different vibe for Filter.  The smoke is billowing and the mood is set for this more industrial sound.  Richard Patrick takes the stage in all black and long sleeves clearly not bothered by the Las Vegas heat and launches into an intense set.  Filter’s sound is darker and edgier blending alternative rock, metal, industrial and grunge.  Patrick commands the center of the stage but it is hard not to watch Bobby Rotten (guitar) and Ashley Dzerigian (bass) as well.  The music is played to perfection.  Patrick enjoys some banter with the crowd, joking about his sobriety and taking a selfie with the crowd which are nice lighthearted moments because musically they are intense but intense in a good way.  The second song of the set is “(Can’t You) Trip Like I Do,” which really excites the crowd. They sing along and the mood is set.  Of course they play the songs people want to hear like “Take a Picture” and closing the night with “Hey Man Nice Shot.”  But there are other stand out moments like “Pride Flag” dedicated to the LGBTQ community.  

It is a fun and intense set that is different from what is usually seen on Fremont Street, perhaps a little darker, but that is appreciated by the crowd.  Filter utilizes the large video screens behind them and clearly don’t want to skimp out on the stage show despite the small stage and they really delivered on this.  This was more than a great band performing live for free to the fans, they really made sure to bring some of the Filter stage show with them which is often forgotten about and it is appreciated.  

Fremont Street sticks with this same style of concert for the next show in two weeks and it is likely that the crowd will continue to grow for that.  These shows keep getting better and it seems as if they are filling a need for the local Las Vegas music community providing them with the opportunity to see some great rock, alternative and grunge acts. 

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Event Date: 09-JUN-2018

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