Doyle from the Misfits is on a highly anticipated solo tour featuring music from his album Abominator.

Touring in support of his solo album, Abominator released in 2013, Doyle is making this album the first one under his own name. He mentioned in past interviews about material having already been written for the next album. No date yet of the release, but it’s been hinted that it might be available sometime in 2015.

It was only a matter of time that Paul Caiafa would step away from the horror punk progenitors The Misfits. At the age of 16, he stepped into the role of the misfit, forever forging along with his older brother the Devilock image. Tonight that boy that we all come to love has the “ghoul,” that formed his own identity under his own persona as Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein.

Right away, Doyle and his band started off with the heavy metal horror punk hybrid sounding “Abominator,” with his signature axe known as the annihilator. Making his voice heard one could not notice the Danzig looking vocalist Alex Story, his singing style created a southern sludge influence on the songs. His take on the songs made famous by the misfits was a great way of reminding all of us to never forget your roots.

“Doyle has become ‘The Beast.'”
~ Randy Blythe of Lamb of God

While Doyle has stepped away from the trademark sound, he can always tap back into it. The foot stomping song like “Cemetary Sexxx” proved that he has more to him than what he has already shown us.

While we were treated with Misfits classics like, “Attitude” and “Last Caress,” his songs such as “Love Like Murder” and “I Hope Hell is Warm” makes us crave for another follow-up. His musical growth is evident. To quote Randy Blythe of Lamb of God, “Doyle has become ‘The Beast.'” We as fans can only applaud and appreciate what has been unleashed tonight.

The venue was packed and dressed up, even in the back of the club it was hard to find a spot. The audience responded and Doyle was applauded and cheered during his entire set. The set was over an hour and fans wanted more, it wasn’t enough. Doyle said very little but you could tell by the expressions on his face he was appreciative of the fans that came to see him play.

He performed with intensity feeding off of the crowds energy, the more they screamed the louder he played. Doyle moved very little on stage and at one point while his band members were moving about the stage he stood there blowing bubbles with his bubble gum, providing comic relief.

Doyle has own brand of hot sauce called, “Made in Hell Hot Sauce” this was not available at the New York show. I hope this will be part of his regular merch when he tours, because this is something different from the usual t-shirt and CD’s, plus also tasty.

Abominator, Learn to Bleed, Valley of Shadows, Violent World, Where Eagles Dare, Cemetary Sexxx, Headhunter, Hybrid Moments, Attitude, Love Like Murder, Last Caress, Die Die My Darling, I Hope Hell is Warm

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Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein – Guitar
Alex Story – Vocals
Tiny – Drums
Left Hand Graham – Bass

Tour Dates:
Sep. 10 The Roxy in Denver , CO
Sep. 11 Riot Room in Kansas City, MO
Sep. 12 BADA Brew in Crest Hill, IL
Sep. 13 Centerstage in Kokomo, IN
Sep. 14 The Thompson House in Newport, KY
Sep. 15 The Foundry in Lakewood , OH

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