A display of musical prowess with two female-fronted bands, Eyes Set to Kill and Die So Fluid embarked on a two-month tour with Wednesday 13.

While both bands could not compete with the theatrical presentation of the headliners, they more than made up for it with musical talent, skill, and stage presence. With so many gimmicks dominating live performances today, these two bands let their music speak on its own merits. While the two bands had differing styles, they excelled and owned each genre.

Eyes Set to Kill has been together since 2006 and are currently signed with Century Media Records, and supporting their new album Masks. Throughout their history, they consisted of different personnel but their foundation consists of two sisters Alexia and Anissa Rodriguez. Even with the departure of the scream vocalist Cisko Miranda, EStK did not miss a note, bonding as a band. Alexia masterfully plays the guitar and Anissa lays down the foundation on the bass.

The two make for a power packed punch that floored the audience. Defined in the past as screamo/metalcore, Eyes Set to Kill continues to develop their massive sound. The set was full of surprises, within a flash, Alexia was tossed out a beautiful red Ibanez by the tech. Alexia blazed away a solo on the guitar complete with fretboard tapping and crunching bends. These women dominated the stage with style that grabbed the listeners’ face and said, “Listen here!” Make sure to catch this fiery act on a tour near you.

Die So Fluid was a smash on-stage keeping up with the excitement and theme of the evening. The band from the UK and has developed quite a catalog of music over the years. Their 15 years of existence has developed the band into a tight performance. The group is a power trio, which works like a seamless music machine. One of the main requirements of a power trio is to fill the room with sound that is bigger than the three, Die So Fluid exceeds these boundaries.

Grog is the frontwoman and bass player. The minute the set started, Grog knelt down on the stage pointing her bass to the sky declaring it is time to listen up. Grog is the ultimate frontwoman, sporting raven black hair and every inch clad with black leather, she draws you into her music with her lyrical precision.

Grog used a Gallien-Krueger bass amp and cab. Grog also, employed an interesting playing style that worked towards the neck of the bass and not on the pickups. This brought about a tremendous sound that layered well throughout the rest of the set. Guitarist Drew Richards brought his well-placed licks through his Hughes-Kettner amp while drummer Al Fletcher rounded out the backbeat.

The only drawback here was the short set list. Supporting their new album The Opposites of Light released in May 2014, Die So Fluid demonstrated their ability to contrast light and dark throughout their set. This band is something to experience for sure. You will not be disappointed in purchasing their music.

Photographer Carox Rox captured the night.

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Dave Davis from National Rock Review spoke with the band covering life on the road, pizza, gear, and music influence:

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