Super Bowl Sunday meets Polish death-metal as five bands take on Shaka Live.

Local Virginia Beach band, Rotten, kicked-off the evening with their fusion of thrash/death metal, along with teasing two new songs from their upcoming EP.

Also calling Virginia Beach home, the brutal death-metal band, Throne Of Botis, got the younger crowd moshing with a slam-filled set from their self-titled EP.

Human Infection made the trip from Roanoke, Virginia, and many in the audience were glad they made the effort. They delivered a crushing set of material from their albums, Infest To Ingest and Curvatures In Time.

Montpelier, Virginia’s gore-thrasher group, Vomit Stain, took the stage next playing a brutal set of songs. Vocalist Bill Ramey was pacing like a madman on the speaker cabinets as the band thundered on. They played songs from their EP, Human Collection In The Theater Of Carnage.

Finally, Decapitated takes the stage and wastes no time firing up the crowd by playing the first three songs from their latest album, Blood Mantra. This was followed by three more from Carnival Is Forever. The group closed with “Spheres Of Madness” from Nihility.

Decapitated is a Polish death metal group that formed in Krosno back in 1996. The group stars Waclaw Vogg Kieltyka (guitar), Rafal Rasta Piotrowski (vocals), Pawel Pasek (bass), and Michal Lysejko (drums).

This was Shaka’s Live second major metal event of 2016, and it is safe to say they establish themselves as a contending venue.


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