Canadian rock duo Death From Above struck Saint Andrews Hall in Detroit with The Beaches while on tour for their new album Outrage! is Now.

The Beaches opened the night. Named after the area of Toronto they call home, this brash grunge band consists of singer/bassist Jordan Miller, lead guitarist Kylie Miller, drummer Eliza Enman McDaniel, and keyboardist/guitarist Leandra Earl. Since debuting their band in 2013, these four women have released two EPs, a full length album, toured the country, and participated in the Eagles of Death Metal ‘Play It Forward’ Campaign with a cover of “I Love You All The Time”.
Their songs are hooky, groovy, deep, and totally danceable. They blend 70s jam with garage band punk and a heavy dose of their own brand of fierce grit and bounce. Their aesthetic adds to their overall nostalgic vibe, you feel like you’re hearing songs decades old from a legendary band.
The Beaches showcased a lot of their new album Late Show in their setlist, including the opening song “Sweet Life” along with “Let Me Touch”, “T-Shirt”, “Moment”, “Back of My Heart”, “Gold”, and more. Not to forget their earlier EPs, they treated the crowd to “Loner”, and “Boy Wonder”.
Ending the set with the title track of the latest album, they had converted countless people in the crowd into huge fans. This kickass young band has a lot of amazing things ahead of them.
Their latest album Late Show is available on their website.

With smoke filling the stage and lights beaming from every direction, bassist Jesse Keeler and drummer/vocalist Sebastien Grainger strode onto the stage and Death From Above jumped into “Nomad”, the first track off their new album Outrage! is Now.
This duo has been on the scene since 2001.They broke up in 2006 releasing one studio album You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine. In 2011, they reunited and released their first album in almost a decade The Physical World. In 2014, they released a documentary Life After Death from Above 1979, chronicling the history of the band and their reunion. Over this summer, they released their third album Outrage! is Now.

From the first note, the crowd was blown away by a wall of sound. They tore through “Virgins” and “Caught Up” next, pumping out a deafening fuzzy roar, with the sound vibrating you to your core. They are unrelenting in their music, Grainger’s gnarly vocals joined with his breakneck drumming pummelled the crowd while Keeler’s unique bass grooving and thundering over the heavy beats. Their music it trippy in a way, it drives you up and into a state of adrenaline that bounces from band to crowd throughout the night. Stepping upstairs, I could see the crowd below erupting into mosh pits left and right.

The band played songs from every album in their career. Outrage! is Now was put on display with “Never Swim Alone”, “Holy Books”, “Freeze Me”, and the title track. The Physical World with “Trainwreck 1979″, “White Is Red”, and “Always On”. You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine with “Turn It Out”, “Going Steady”, “Black History Month”, and “Little Girl”.
They rounded out the night with a rousing encore with “Pull Out”, a track from 2004’s You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine, and “Dead Womb” as the finale, a track from Heads Up, their debut album. The tribute to their beginnings was a fantastic way to end the night.

Death From Above has used this tour to showcase their musical career together, they have evolved together to create an impressive collection of music that their fans love and are clamoring for more. This tour showed that these two are not only sticking around, but going further than anyone could have thought before.
Outrage! is Now is available on their website.

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Event Date: 03-NOV-2017

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