A Day To Remember bring their co-headlining tour with Papa Roach to Las Vegas with amazing support acts The Devil Wears Prada and Falling in Reverse.

It is not often you get four bands of this calibre on one bill together and the fans know it.  The sold-out crowd has had lines all day and at the start of the show, the line is all the way through the casino to the parking garage and through that.

The Devil Wears Prada are up first.  The front row is packed with their fans.  They explode onto the stage with high energy.  Singer Mike Hranica is all over the stage delivering the heavy vocal right into the faces of the front row with complete power and adrenaline.  They have a short set so there is not a lot of down time, they flow from one song to the next to ensure to give the fans as much music as they can.

Hometown band Falling in Reverse are next. Ronnie Radke walks onto the stage and commands attention.  He’s always as close as he can be to the crowd pacing back and forth while at other times he stops mid-stage to sing.  Their music is an interesting mix.  Very rock focused for some songs while at other times the vocal is pretty rap sounding but not in a nu-metal way, it is a Radke signature.  The hometown crowd always supports Radke and this band, and tonight is no different.

Papa Roach are next.  The set opens with a recording asking the crowd to put their fingers in the air and yell “f*** you Papa Roach” to which they gladly comply.  The curtain drops to reveal the band surrounded by strobe lights.  Jacoby Shaddix is one energetic front-man running around the stage not letting up for one second.  They run through many of their hits including “Getting Away with Murder,” “Last Resort,” and “Scars” the crowd singing along the whole time.  Coming up on close to one year since their eighth studio album Crooked Teeth came out they are sure to cover that album too.  It has been a while since they have played Las Vegas and this co-headlining show is giving the crowd what they want.  At this point you would think the night is over but there is still one band to go.

Finally it is time for A Day to Remember. They have played Las Vegas fairly consistently so they have built a large fan-base that is loyal.  Jeremy McKinnon is another energetic front-man, which is the theme for the night.  At a venue this size it is hard for him to get as close to the fans as he usually does but the band still delivers an action-packed set complete with confetti cannons and smoke.  They open with “I’m Made of Wax,” “Larry,” and “What Are You Made Of.”  They launch from one song to the next and manage to pack an impressive twenty songs into the night including “Life Lessons Learned the Hard Way” and “Another Song About the Weekend” both of which they haven’t played live since 2014.  They even threw in their cover of Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone.”

The final confetti falls and the crowd is exhausted.  They were just treated to four extremely energetic sets from four powerful and diverse bands.  Start to finish this was an amazing concert.

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The Devil Wears Prada
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Event Date: 28-FEB-2018

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