Davy Knowles performed at Space in Evanston to celebrate the launch of his new album, Three Miles From Avalon.

The Isle of Man native has clearly been taken under the wing of Chicago, the place he now calls his home. His supporters were out in force to join the late night celebration of his new album, Three Miles From Avalon, on Friday. Performing the album from beginning to end, he must have been pleased by the rapturous reception of his new songs with standing ovations throughout the show. His beaming smile indicated he was having every bit as much fun as was the audience.

Knowles opened with the foot-tapping “Ain’t Much of Nothin'” getting the crowd fired up. The title track, “Three Miles From Avalon,” was also a firm fan favorite of the night. This is an infectious album that has you dancing and singing the lyrics long after the show has finished.

Listening to this show, you could just as easily have been listening to the album. It was a tight performance from the entire band — Michael Caskey (drums), Marvin Little (bass), and Andrew Toombs (keys) — who gel well together.

Knowles’ solos were every bit as slick and fast, yet perfectly fitting for the blues rock songs they were blasting out. He truly is a triple-threat musician. Many talk about his incredible guitar skills, and rightly so. But it is doing him an injustice to not also mention the poignant self-penned lyrics and the gritty blues rock voice, one that can hold a note perfectly while performing an intricate riff, all the while making it look effortless.

After rattling through the album in order, it was time for some of Knowles’ favorite songs, including Rory Gallagher cover “As The Crow Flies,” and the emotionally charged Back Door Slam song, “Stay.”

Mixing up the final section of the show with solo acoustic songs and then electric songs with the band was an excellent way to showcase both old and new material.

Davy Knowles already has tour dates scheduled through early February, with more likely to be added. Be sure to check him out when he rolls into your town; it is a show you certainly won’t regret seeing. Remember the name, as it is one you will-will hear much of in the coming year as 2017 is set to be big for this adopted Chicagoan.

You can listen to samples of Davy Knowles latest album, Three Miles From Avalon, on Amazon.

Davy Knowles
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Website | Facebook | Twitter

Event Date: 21-Oct-2016

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