Davy Knowles shows that the blues are alive and well with an outstanding performance to a packed house in Fort Wayne.

The C2G Music Hall in Fort Wayne, Indiana is an intimate venue where you can get up close to the performer. This evening’s festivities start with a local band called The Union Project. These young men play with the authority of musicians many years their elder.

Their set starts out with a smoking hot cover of “Whipping Post” by the Allman Brothers where each guitarist trades licks like the great Dickie Betts and Duane Allman. The entire band are rock solid as they play some original blues songs that are well received by the crowd. They conclude a nice set of music with a stellar performance of Deep Purple’s “Lazy”.

It has been four years since Davy Knowles had been to Fort Wayne and the crowd is ready to rock. Cheers greet Davy and his band as they pull out the groovy “Ain’t Much of Nothing”. Davy Knowles has his guitar singing with a fiery and emotional guitar solo while drummer Mickey Caskey keeps the band humming to the beat.

“Gotta Leave” provides the perfect canvas for both Davy and keyboardist Andrew Toombs to spread their wings on this slow and soulful jam. Each artist creates the sense of loss and heartbreak with every note they play during their respective solos. Davy mentions his passion for the music of Rory Gallagher and proceeds to deliver a stunning cover of “As The Crow Flies” on a gorgeous National Resonator guitar.

The pace picks up as Davy and the band kick into “Overload” off his most recent album “Outsider”. Touring bassist Brian Doherty was missing from the show, but Davy has an outstanding session bass player filling in and this guy tears it up with an impressive solo on “Work A Little Harder”.

The band returns to stage to play “Cortez The Killer” by Neil Young to bring a night of blistering blues music to a close. Blues music is alive and well with Davy Knowles leading the vanguard of a new generation.

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