Gutter Goth rockers Davey Suicide deliver a blistering set at The Token Lounge in Westland, MI.

Davey Suicide kicks off their set with the rocking tune “Devil’s Night” from their current album, Made From Fire.  The crowd erupts with loud cheers and gets many sitting at the tables in the back off their feet.  For many in attendance, this may be the first time they have heard of or seen Davey Suicide, but it won’t be their last.  There are also many die-hard fans in attendance, some of whom drove five hours to see them.

They keep the pace going, launching into Dancing with the Reaper, also from their current album. They follow that up with “Kids of America” from their 2013 self-titled release and “Until We’re Dead” from their 2014 album, World Wide Suicide.  The set tonight is heavy on their current album with eight songs coming from it.  Many in the crowd sing along to every song.

A Davey Suicide show is a visual spectacle with ever-changing lights that lean on the dark side with deep reds, blues, purples, and greens, as well as occasional bursts of white and yellow.  The band makes use of some props including Davey donning various hats throughout the show, he has a mic stand with skulls, and the other members have horror makeup.  At one point during the show, the band members wear masks including guitarist Nike Gemini wearing one that resembles a kabuki mask and drummer James Decker wearing one that looks like it came out of Clockwork Orange.

Niko Gemini is a phenomenal musician and stage performer with plenty of shredding and catchy riffs throughout the set.  He loves to jump and whip his hair around and rips through a blistering guitar solo including playing behind his head.  Bassist Derek Obscura and Decker lay down the powerful groove that drives the songs.  Derek and Niko swap places throughout the show and make use of platforms at the edge of the stage many times.  They also play off each other mid-stage including leaning back-to-back while jamming.  The crowd eats it all up with fist pumps and loud applause.

Lead singer Davey loves to interact with the crowd, working from side-to-side and telling some stories to introduce several songs.  He mentions an issue they had with their former record label before starting the chant “get your fists up” and tearing into “Rise Above”.  This is yet another killer song from their solid Made From Fire album.  After a few more songs, they close out their set with the popular single “Generation Fuck Star” from their 2013 release.

From the enthusiastic crowd reaction tonight, it looks like they have gained many new fans.  One fan even says, it “blew my mind”.  If you get a chance, do yourself a favor and gather up some friends and catch Davey Suicide on tour.  You won’t be disappointed.  They have a few more US shows in December and then head to Europe in January, before returning for some more US dates in February and March.

Davey Suicide
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Event Date: 09-DEC-2017