Hardcore punk legends the Cro-Mags brought their volatile style of punk turned crossover thrash to Boston for a night of in-your-face angst ridden antics. Along for the ride came the Anti-Nowhere League who crossed the Atlantic Ocean to join in on the fun!

Boston has long been known for its punk and hardcore roots. The scene has had its ebbs and flows but a core group of solid bands, dedicated promoters, and supportive clubs are feeding the scene with one killer show after another. The Cro-Mags show at the Middle East was no exception!

Neighborhood Shit kicked off the night with a mix of hardcore, punk, crust, and metal. This up and coming ‘617 for life’ trio of Brendan, Terry, and Alex are social pariahs from a place they hate to love, South Boston, Massachusetts (aka Southie). As Brendan puts it, Neighborhood Shit is “broke as shit and their equipment is either broken or non-existent”, but that doesn’t stop them from leaving it all on the stage. Music is not a hobby that ends come Monday morning. Music is a way of life and a way to get out their anger and aggression as they take the torch and help keep the scene burning.

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Taxi Driver is becoming a staple in the Boston scene as a hard-working blue-collar party band and has shared the stage supporting bands such as Gang Green, Jerry’s Kids, The F.U.’s, and Murphy’s Law over the last few years. Chad (formerly of the Beantown Boozehounds), Danny, Mike, Anthony, and Tommy proved once again why their brand of hardcore, punk, and oi gets a crowd moving. Taxi Driver is going back in the studio within the next few weeks to start recording their follow-up to their last release Left for Dead, so keep an ear out for their new stuff.

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Death Before Dishonor (DBD) took the stage and immediately took control of the capacity crowd. DBD is another hardworking and touring hardcore band that formed in 2000 from South Boston, MA, with their current line up of Bryan, Colin, Frankie, Tristan, and Ben. DBD crushed their set from Born From Misery, into Break Through It All, Count Me In, and Never Again with barely a breath between songs. They went into Peace & Quiet, Curl Up and Die, Our Glory Days, 666, and finished the set strong with Boston Belongs to Me.

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Not to be outdone, Anti-Nowhere League (ANL) took the reigns next and they are definitely in a league of their own. ANL formed in England in 1980 with a goal of “proving they could be the worst band on God’s earth” and haven’t missed a beat. Animal, Shady, Nato, and Tommy may have been banned from T.V. and Radio shows back home, but Boston welcomed them with open arms, closed fists, elbows and knees. ANL got the crowd swirled up that there were literally people hanging from the rafters. They started with We are…, I Hate People, Break the Law, Skull ‘n’ Bones, and Snowman. It was refreshing to hear the original version of So What after hearing the Metallica cover version on Garage Inc. as ANL went right into Woman and Streets of London. They closed the night with For You, Pig-Iron, Animal, and a closing rally of We are…

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The Cro-Mags music is timeless and makes you feel like you are at your first hardcore show all over again. John Joseph did not stop moving on stage for a single second and even worked with security to relax and let the crowd take care of itself like any good punk or hardcore show should.

The Cro-Mags closed out the night like the crack of a whip. The opening bands created the perfect storm for the Cro-Mags blend of hardcore and trash. John Joseph, Mackie, Craig, and A.J. Novello brought the fight to the crowd like well-trained seasoned mixed martial artists. The set opened up with World Peace, No Mercy, Malfunction, and Crush the Demoniac. The pit was alive and swirling with bodies flying across the crowd as the next wave of songs hit including Street Justice, Seekers of the Truth, Signs of the Times, and Right Wing. They finished the set strong with It’s the Limit, Life of My Own, Don’t Tread on Me, We Gotta Know, and Hard Times.

Remember, keep local music alive and support your local scene!


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