Here Come The Mummies take over Saint Andrews Hall with Sun Tribe to treat their freaky fans to a night of unadulterated funk and fun.

Detroit’s own Sun Tribe open the show. Their unique sound is rooted deeply in jazz, blues, rock n’ roll and all wrapped up in a funky synthesizer-based sound. The band have been busy performing all over the Metro Detroit Area.

This young band gives the Detroit crowd a taste of their rock heavy, retro jam band sound. Their songs flow seamlessly together, heavy on shredding guitars and catchy groovy tunes; all tied in with their synths to give it a unique feel.
Joe Provenzano (vocals/guitar), Mike Benoit (drums), Adam Bodeep (guitar), and Joe Neirynck (bassist/synths) work perfectly together. Their youth only makes their skills more impressive. This band are a perfect start to a huge party.

The lights are turned down low as ominous music swells around the room; the crowd eagerly waits for their favorite mummies. When suddenly, Here Come The Mummies emerge from the back of the venue and parade through the packed crowd in true marching band fashion. The crowd erupting into cheers as the band kick off their set with “My Party”, a track from one of their two latest albums Underground.

Here Come the Mummies is a funk band, best known for their over the top live performances. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, the band members are shrouded in mystery, their identities unknown. They are rumored to be several Grammy awards among the members, and you wouldn’t doubt that for a second after seeing the immense talent in this band. They are currently on their Friction Tour, celebrating the release of two albums in 2016, A Blessing and A Curse and Underground.

The stage was bursting with the number of musicians in the group; Mummy Cass(anova) (lead vocals/guitar), Eddie Mummy (drums/vocals), Spaz (keyboards/vocals), K.W. TuT (bass/vocals), Ra (tenor sax), The Flu (baritone sax), Midnight (baritone sax/syntar), The Pole (bass), B.B.Queen (trumpet), and Will Pharaoh (trumpet).

Their live show is like nothing else, booming funk accompanied by drum battles, monks banging chains on the floor, and literal sparks flying during “Friction.” You are instantly hooked on the cleverness of their lyrics and musical superiority, as well as their incredible showmanship, with choreographed Motown style stage antics.

The band is pristine and energetic for being thousands of years old; everyone is dancing around the stage and having the time of their afterlife. The crowd is completely entranced, practically drowning out the band during “Ra Ra Ra” and jumping in unison during the dance lesson in “Fenk Shui”.
Tonight each band member delivers an outstanding performance, with stellar sax solos, thunderous drums, ringing trumpets, and grooving guitars and bass. With hits like “Night Like This”, “Underground”, “Single Double Triple”, “Pants”, and “Make It Shake”, the setlist is riotous, full of jokes and sexual innuendos. The highlight of the night is “Freak Flag”, which literally has the venue shaking.

By the time the encore culminates with “Booty” and “Wonders of the World”, everyone is sweaty and screaming for more. They are the funkiest, weirdest, and most entertaining band to ever rise from the tomb. It’s rare to have a band leave everyone’s faces hurting from smiling so hard for so long.
A Blessing and A Curse and Underground are both available on the band’s website.

Here Come the Mummies
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Sun Tribe
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Saint Andrew’s Hall
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Event Date: 24-FEB-2017

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