Collective Soul brings their powerhouse performance to Fremont Street for the free summer concert series.

The One Louder free summer concert series is winding down in Las Vegas and tonight they are bringing the hugely popular Collective Soul to entertain the crowd.  It is announced before the band takes the stage that this is the largest crowd of the summer.  If you have attended any of these shows over the summer it is clear the crowd just keeps growing each time.  Without any fanfare the band walks on stage and immediately captivates the crowd, sure people know the hits, but most people did not seem to be expecting the high energy performance of Ed Roland, who is leaping and dancing around the stage clad in head to toe white from the first note to the very last despite the heat.  

Collective Soul is about to release their 1oth studio album this fall.  As Roland jokes not bad for the “one hit wonder of 1994.”  The band’s catalog of hits is vast, they treat the crowd to “Heavy” as the second song of the set.  With this song, the crowd is singing along and they do not stop all night, except for when the band plays the one new track that we haven’t heard before.  As is expected the set includes all the main tracks including “Shine,” which Roland leads the crowd in a singalong, and building from there with “Why Part 2,” “The World I Know,” “December” and “Gel.”  The crowd sings along and dances right along with Roland, giving back everything he asks of them from repeating lyrics, to holding up peace signs.  

This band clearly is having a lot of fun with what they do.  The venue is unique and the band comments that they liked the small size of the stage because they can feel like a band.  Dean Roland and Jesse Triplette’s guitars are loud and balanced out by Ed Roland on acoustic for many songs and Triplette’s solos get the fans cheering every time.  Ed Roland throws tons of guitar pics at the band and into the crowd during one of the musical breaks to the delight of the fans before returning to dancing around the stage and singing all the songs to perfection.  They play a long hour and a half set as Roland said they would, going longer than the typical 75 minute set for Fremont Street.  With this everyone gets to hear all the songs they came out to see.

If people were expecting a subdued performance from this band they were shocked.  This was one of the more high energy shows of the summer on Fremont Street and all the shows have been incredible.  Fremont Street set out to give the fans something to talk about this summer and Collective Soul clearly did that.  This is a great show to kick off Labor Day weekend and to wrap down the summer concert series with.

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Collective Soul
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Event Date: 01-Sep-2017

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