Chase Rice and Walker McGuire bring a night of country hits to the Motor City on their Lambs & Lions Tour presented by WYCD.

Opening up the night were members from WYCD Air Staff speaking about the “This Shirt Saves Lives” St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital movement. One donation in particular was presented in a larger than life check by Tito from Tito’s Handmade Vodka.  Finding cures and saving children was the nights theme.

The supporting group known as Walker McGuire didn’t waste anytime coming out on stage and letting the crowd know they were there to play some good tunes and have a great time. Taking all original material on the road and performing over 300+ shows a year Walker McGuire has cultivated both a strong fan base and stepping stones for a great path into the future.

After a strong opening nobody was prepared for what the Chase Rice band would bring to the table. From the first note the band played the entire venue knew it was time to party. Chase Rice brought vocal melodies to each song that inspired everyone in attendance to sing along and at certain points it sounded like he had his very own choir backing him up. A short walkway extension from the stage was available for Chase Rice to get up close and personal with his fans. For an hour and half each and every concert attendee was given tunes from Chase Rice’s early days up to the most recent hits like “Eyes on You” and “Amen.” The Lambs and Lions tour surely packed a punch with both musicianship and great songs.

Chase Rice
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Event Date: 06-DEC-2018

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