Before wrapping up an extensive winter tour, Chase Rice visits Grand Rapids, adding tour mate Filmore for the Lambs & Lions Tour.  

With only one show remaining after, Chase Rice makes a stop in Grand Rapids, MI to play a sold-out show at 20 Monroe Live before heading home for a much-needed downtime.  Since mid-September, Chase has been part of a 30 plus city tour that has extended across two continents and multiple countries as part of his Lambs & Lions Tour.   

The tour is in support of Chase’s fourth full studio album of the same name and his first with new record label Broken Bow Records.  The album released on November 17th of 2017.

Chase starts his show in a fast-paced fury with the lead off song “Lions” from the new album that sets the pace for the remainder of the show.  Just like being shot out of a cannon, Chase rapidly moves back and forth across the front of the stage and out onto a catwalk extending into the crowd to get the evening’s adrenaline rushing through the veins. 

With Chase giving directions to “Do It Like This” he returns to where it started with his 2013 debut single “How She Rolls.” 

Standing out on the edge of the catwalk with a small Jack Daniel’s shot bottle held high in the air, Chase toasts the crowd as he thanks them for selling out the venue and helping make the tour and his new album a success.  Claiming he has only one show remaining after this night, you might catch him and the band out at one of the local establishments celebrating a good tour and are free to join them.  He then joins the band in saluting the crowd with “Jack Daniel’s Showed Up.”   

Chase moved to Nashville in 2010 to capitalize on his career in music.  Quite often caught in the debate, he was continuously asked, “What kind of country are you?” He then tells the crowd that music has no boundaries anymore as they all mix together and is not as distinctive as they once were.  Country music has become a big mixture of flowing genres between traditional, southern rock and pop including some rap.  Chase then professes that to him, “as long as it tells a story and touches people, all it needs is “Three Chords And The Truth.”” 

At the conclusion of his 2016 hit “Everybody We Know Does” Chase adds “Carolina Can” that was written about his small town in North Carolina, but can pertain to all small towns in the US.

For “Gonna Wanna Tonight” Chase and his band rush out to the edge of the catwalk as they softly stop playing while they take in the excitement and the energy of the crowd as they finish singing the song back to the band.

As the keyboard player rolls through a solo Chase begins to sing and is interrupted by the loud and energetic crowd.  Chase takes a step back from the microphone in order to take it in before continuing on with “Ride.”

Next, Chase performs a musical parody for a young female sitting with him on bar stools at center stage after noticing her with a sign that reads “I bet my Mom a fifth of Jack Daniels I will get on stage.”  After finding out she is only 19 years old he claims that one of these days he is going to get himself in trouble for this role and hands a bottle of Jack Daniels to her mother instead of giving it to her.  He then offers up his opinion that “if you are old enough to die for this country at 18, you should be able to drink legally at 18” to the crowd’s approval. 

As a songwriter, you always dream of someday someone recording one of your songs and making it a #1 hit.  That was the case when Florida Georgia Line recorded “Cruise” that was co-written by Chase.  During this evening’s performance, Chase is joined on stage by show opener Filmore. 

During band introductions, the bass player leads into the Garth Brooks’ cover of “Friends In Low Places” when Chase stops him to call a young man up on stage to help entertain the crowd with his singing.  After a solo from his drummer, Chase introduces him as a local coming from East Grand Rapids.  Instructing him to turn around and look at the video screen behind them, he receives a message from his drum coach from East Grand Rapids High School congratulating him on his professional success and following his dreams. 

Chase concludes the show with his highest awarded single to date, the platinum earning “Ready Set Roll.” 

Opening the show for Chase is the pop-country newcomer Filmore with his singles “Slower” and “You Know You Wanna.”

Although the tour is winding down and the band is able to see home at the end of the tunnel, that did not deter them in their performance this evening as each one was able to feed off the energy of the crowd for a crowd-pleasing musical memory to last.   

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