Metallica’s sold-out show on the eve of the Super Bowl proved that they are indeed “too heavy for halftime.”

Who needs a 20-minute halftime show when you can be hungover from Metallica’s hometown show in a sold out stadium? The band hit the stage strong with their 1984 hit, “Creeping Death.”

Playing their first proper show in the Bay Area in almost eight years, the group took the time to talk to the crowd in a way that made a 50,000 seat stadium feel intimate. Frontman James Hetfield looked relaxed as he and the rest of the guys belted out classic song after song. A huge five-wall video screen spat fire at just the right moments.

High points of the evening sprang from songs, “Master of Puppets,” “Battery,” and “One.” After wrapping up their set with 1991 hit, “Enter Sandman,” it was clear that the boys are tight-knit as ever.

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