Brit Floyd landed at the Florida Theater, and for a few hours, a packed house was transported through time with a performance to be remembered.

To not simply refer to Brit Floyd as Pink Floyd after experiencing their show took an almost conscious effort. The performance at the Florida Theatre in Jacksonville was more than a concert. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Florida Theatre was the perfect venue to showcase nearly four decades of music from the 1996 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band Pink Floyd. In a theatre that first opened its doors in 1927 and has been the location of historic performances ever since, Brit Floyd gave the audience an event, a performance, a concert, and an experience no one will soon forget.

Most fans became most aware of Pink Floyd in the late 70s but were never fortunate enough to see a live performance. A recorded show was as close as one ever got. Brit Floyd brought Pink Floyd to life for myself and many others in attendance. Being drawn into the performance and being in a zen state that so often accompanies the music of Pink Floyd was a statement to the captivation factor.

As I wandered throughout the theatre I became aware of the people in the audience who I was sure experienced Pink Floyd music in very different ways. The crowd spanned many generations, from those who probably first heard them from the time they formed in 1965, to those who came to know their music from movies and television like The Departed and HBO’s Sopranos. Pink Floyd’s influences throughout the years have touched many ages in many ways, and Brit Floyd presented a chronological anthology of music complete with an intermission and lengthy encore.

The 2015 Space and Time Tour continues through North America until the end of August before heading to Europe. Fans can expect to hear “Time,” “Shine On You Crazy Diamond,” “Sheep,” “Have A Cigar,” ‘Money,” and many others. A experience not to be missed.

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