Biters hit The Token Lounge for a night of good old fun punk and rock n’ roll along with White Shag, The Cheetahs, and The Dougouts.

12-May-2016: The Dougouts started the night off. These veterans of the Toledo, Ohio scene hit the stage with rebellious, uninhibited rock. It is immediately clear that they were having a blast on stage; with a smug, sarcastic swagger, they rocked through each fast song full of muscle and grit that defines the punk rock genre. Currently celebrating their latest album, this is a fun band everyone will have a blast seeing.

This rock n’ roll three-piece is Doug (guitar/vocals), Kev (drums), and Snarl (bass/vocals). Their latest album, Trippin Along, is available on their website.

Next on stage was The Cheetahs from Ypsilanti and Detroit. The Cheetahs are a musical collaboration between brothers Blake and Drew Hill, and Kirk Scarbrough. They have been playing together since 2002 and have developed a tasteful blend of rock, punk, power pop, and glam.

The Cheetahs pounded out a set of sludgy, amped-up rock driven by a relentless rhythm section and groovy guitar skills. Their sound revisits the days when garage bands reigned supreme leaving you wondering why this sound ever fell out of popularity. Most notable is their infectious riffs; it is hard not to find yourself grooving along. This is a band full of energy, straight out of the 70s.

The Cheetahs are Drew Hill, Blake Hill, and Kirk Scarbrough. All of their albums are available on their website.

The concert continued with stoner rock group, White Shag, from Detroit. The vivacious Mendoza drew in the audience immediately. She came out like a hurricane, kicking and dancing wildly around the stage with her driving, heavy bass, and her gritty and sexy voice.

Mendoza and Jorge share vocal duties beautifully. Their cover of Motorhead and Girlschool’s “Please Don’t Touch” showcases their raw voices melding perfectly.

Cortez on guitar was mesmerizing, commanding the stage with grooving riffs and enthralling solos. Leone’s is a ferocious drummer thundering on his skins. He ties the band’s sound together with a driving, steady beat. Their tunes are catchy and psychedelic; you lose yourself while rocking out and have a fantastic time partying with the band.

This garage glam rock band consists of Laura Mendoza (vocals/bass), Jorge Cortez (vocals/guitar), and Joe Leone (drums).

Biters took the spotlight as fans pressed in toward the stage. After a quick thanks to the audience and opening bands, they kicked off their set with “Low Lives” from their debut album, Electric Blood.

The band hails from Atlanta, Georgia. They look and sound like a band that fell through a wormhole from the 1980s. They are high-energy hard rock full of pop hooks, sweet harmonies, with a party sound that can make a fan out of anyone.

Frontman Tuk Smith engaged the crowd with ease cracking jokes and even pulling two fans on stage for a beer chugging contest. Their sound is guitar-driven, supported by a rich and driving bass and grooving drums. Their catchy lyrics are the kind that plays in your head days. The band’s charismatic stage presence captivates the crowd from the first note to the final.

Fans danced and waved arms in the air as they played their original favorites like “Restless Hearts,” “Heart Fulla Rock n’ Roll,” “The Kids Ain’t Alright,” and more.

If you like your music groovy and energetic, then this is a band to check out. They continue to tour the US through July (dates can be found here).

Biters is Tuk Smith (vocals/guitar), Matt Gabs (guitar/vocals), Philip Anthony (bass/vocals), and Joey O’Brien (drums/percussion).

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