Belushi Speedball thoroughly entertains an appreciative crowd at The Haymarket Whiskey Bar along with The Jereactors

On a very busy Saturday night in Louisville a great crowd turned out to the Haymarket Whiskey Bar to be part of the record release party for Belushi Speedball and their new album Regretfully endorsed by Senor Diablo. Their music is classic 1980’s Thrashcore with all the songs being written about cartoons, video games, or pop culture. Their show is self-described as  “A live theater production, with music in between”  The show has a plot and there are several comedy bits that break up the music and further involve the crowd.

Their set started off in good fashion with “Sega chord” and “Sir Droolington” from the Regretfully album that’s starts out with pounding double bass drums and soaring guitar riffs that gets everyone warmed up in a hurry.  Their Ex-manager (Murphy Edwards) barges on stage in a drunken stupor for a little manager face off (with current manager Senor Diabolo) where the guys rip thru a number of familiar cover songs – Metallica’s “Die, Die, Die My Darling”, Iron Maiden’s “Sweet Dreams, Motorhead’s Ace of Spades, Queen’s “Under Pressure” and finally Cab Calloway’s “Minnie the Moocher” – of Blues Bothers fame while the managers provide the lead vocals.  It was just too much for Murphy Edwards as he dropped dead on stage and had to be carried off (just part of the act)

Its back to the new album as Belushi Speedball perform “Four Fried Chickens and a Coke” with their signature raw force and bass chords the song has everyone rocking.  As Vinny brings out “Patrick” of Spongebob fame, Spongebob himself jumps up center stage and asks the question Mayonaise, isn’t it an instrument?  Then Belushi Speedball launch into  “Wumbology (It’s First Grade Spongebob),” “Gnome Chompski,” and “You can’t rock steady without bebop” that are simply just classic thrashcore and are very well received.  Their two song encore is the final song from the Regretfully album “Devastation nation (regular show cover)” before ending with a Step Brother’s cover of “Boat and Hoes”.  Unfortunately there is no way to adequately describe all of the different aspects of the show, but the night was fun, light-hearted and the metal that was played was classic and hard driving – everyone left thoroughly entertained!   You can check out the new album on the bands website, from the link below.

Belushi Speed Ball is  Vinny Crastellano – Bass and vocals,  Chase Bensing – Guitar and backing vocals, – alex rosas – Drums, Senor Diablo – Manager,  Murphey Edwards (played by Jared Manning) – Ex manager, Andrew Morris – Spongebob.

Kicking off the evening was The Jereactors from Louisville, Kentucky. Their twelve song set of Bilingual old style punk opened with “Raggedy Andy”  along with a number of original songs including  “Street Fight,” “Next Big Thing,” “Business of War” and “Mr. Beat ‘Em Up.”   The Jereactors also performed a classic Eskorbuto cover of “Mucha Policia” where drummer Eskoria had a special salute at the end of the song. They finished up their set with a raw and wild cover of the Beastie Boy’s “Fight For Your Right To Party” where members of Belushi SpeedBall jumped in to sing the chorus – It was a perfect end to a great set.  The Jereactors are Lester Bolles (bass and vocals), Eskoria Toxico (drums and vocals), and Jimmy Sh*thead (guitar).

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