High energy, heavy hitting, in your face rock and metal was brought to the Token Lounge by some of Metro Detroit’s best local acts.

The MOD is a one man hard rock band. Gary Modlinski shreds on guitar to a killer back track, as he has done for years. This guitar guru rocked the Token with classic covers, Rush being a fan favorite and his originals. His set was an awesome way to begin the show.

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High Mile Houdini was the mystery band of the night. I hadn’t heard a thing about them beforehand. This brand new band out of Detroit, MI rocked the Token with a mash-up of metal, punk, and hard rock. I found out that this show was the third time they’ve played. As great as they played after only three shows, I can’t wait to see what these guys have in store.

High Mile Houdini is:
Andrew Murray (Bass/Vocals)
Eric Bookie (Drums)
Chris Mack (Guitar)


Terminus is a band I’m always excited to see. This metal band from Livonia, Michigan really brought energy into the show. Soaring vocals, heavy drums, bass and screaming guitars, they had the crowd up and headbanging. Their stage show was almost as impressive as; how the band stood in the crowd and supported the others on stage. It isn’t every day that you see a band support their fellow bands with suck rocking energy. Support your local bands, we’re all in this together.

Terminus is:
Connor Olson – Vocals
Zach Prinz – Guitar
Dale Anderson – Guitar
Matt Stevens – Bass guitar
Mike Anderson – Drums and Percussion

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As Promised, A.S.S. was a crowd favorite that night. Vocalist Brian Thomas and guitarist T.J. Richardson of the legendary Detroit band Halloween, A.S.S. is a five-piece metal band that blends comedy, heavy lyrics, and metal. Pulling on a myriad of musical influences, A.S.S. (an acronym for pretty much any set of words the listener can think). On this night, drummer Foot and I decided A.S.S. stood for “Aw Shit Son” for the evening. Brian’s vocals were as strong as ever, along with the band’s heavy lyrics, shredding guitar solos, and headbanging beats making a lethal combination of heavy metal. Their debut EP, E.asy P.ieces of A.S.S. is out now capturing the band’s outrageous, over the top lyrics, and hard-driving metal sound.

A.S.S. is:
Brian Thomas (Vocals)
Chris Taylor (Bass)
T.J. Richardson (Lead Guitars)
Foot (Drums)
Brandon Richardson (Guitars)

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Sordid Circle brought thrash metal to the Token. Screaming, guttural vocals, and energized guitar riffs, this band had the crowd up and rockin’. Formed in 2010 Sordid Circle brings a new brand of all-influence blender metal that is hard and in your face. Currently rocking at shows and hard at work finishing up pre-production on their debut album, Rise of The Morbid, these guys have some awesome metal in store for us.

Sordid Circle is:
Art Giammar (Vocals)
Alex Aubachon (Drums)
Paul Britton (Guitar)
Sean Demura (Bass)

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How I Bleed closed out the night, ending the night with a screaming, heavy metal bang. Drummer/vocalist Gary Grassel’s heavy beats and hard-hitting vocals, this band’s heavy sound had the crowd on their feet rocking out the end of the night. After listening to the demo CD they gave me, I am very excited to see what comes up next for this hard and heavy band.

How I Bleed is:
Gary Grassel (Vocals/Drums)
David Finley (Bass)
Mike Goda (Guitar)


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