The Pike Room played host to a blend of rock, punk, and psychedelic blues with All Them Witches, The Well, Hawk & Son, and The Id of Christ.

The Id of Christ opened the night. This punk/pop duo from Grand Rapids, MI consists of Adrian Mitchell (guitar, lead vocals) and Richard Devon (drums, backing vocals). The band is looking for a bassist, but the duo put on an awesome set to start the night. They started off very slow and soft, soon leading into an upbeat pop punk, garage band sound. The duo makes a great team. Mitchell’s guitar and Devon’s drumming were both full of energy, and Mitchell’s vocals on top gave an early Greenday sound, which the crowd loved. They currently have demo tracks and live recordings available on their website.

Hawk & Son came on next. This indie rock band is based in Flint, Michigan and came out with a set full of celebration and irresistible, foot-stomping tunes. They have almost a nostalgic sound, like the heyday of indie rock in the early 2000s with some of the grittier alternative rock of the late 1990s. With endless electric rhythms, swirling guitars, twangy bass, and groovy drums, this band has a swagger that is ready for an arena. Their new album, ATK, is available online.

The Well continued the night, opening with a gloomy audio clip about the Egyptian temples of Amun-Re, leading into pounding blues that had the crowd on their feet. This trio from Austin, TX brings a haunting mix of heavy rock, psychedelic doom, and blues. Their sound has been compared to everything from Black Sabbath, Sleep, Stoned Jesus, Wicked Lady, Electric Wizard, Saint Vitus, Acid King, and many more; yet they still produce a sound that is entirely their own.
Along with Ian Graham’s heavy guitar and retro riffs, he is a vocalist that we haven’t seen the likes of since Ozzy Osbourne circa 1970. The bluesy rhythms of Lisa Alley on bass are only matched by her mesmerizing voice. Tying everything together is Jason Sullivan on drums; his solid grooves bring all the tunes together, while adding the extra punch with aggressive beats. The blending of Graham and Alley’s vocal styling are so in sync, they almost become a single entity, bringing in a particularly nice touch. Their debut LP, Samsara is available at Riding Easy Records.

And finally, as the remaining seated fans moved up to the stage, All Them Witches came on. From Nashville, this foursome consisting of Robby Staebler, Michael Parks Jr., Ben McLeod, and Allan Van Cleave began conjuring up music together in 2012. Their sound is a mixture of headbanging rock mixed with an ageless bluesy psychedelic feel that is like nothing you’ve heard before. Their style is a kaleidoscope of genres; blues, folk, indie rock, and even metal. With their unique talent, the band mixes all these genres into one incomparable sound. The groove is infectious, with trippy, distorted guitar riffs, superb organ lines, pounding drums, and incredibly mystical bass lines. Their lyrics are poetic, using a lot of metaphors to make you listen even more to find your own meaning.

This is a band that rocks you to your core, but at the same time takes you on a journey. They are the epitome of originality. Their latest album, Lightning At The Door, is available on their website.
At this show, every band was so honored that people came out to see them, they all raved about the other bands playing that night, with everyone each other load their gear on and off stage. These bands brought camaraderie back into the rock music scene. Each band is a must-see on their own; together, they put on an amazing show for the crowd at the Pike Room.

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All Them Witches
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The Well
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Hawk and Son
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The ID of Christ
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