311 brought the heat for a great evening of music with support from Matisyahu.

12-July-2016: Opening the show was Matisyahu from Brooklyn, New York. The band’s name comes from vocalist Matisyahu. Their lineup also includes Stu Brooks (bass, keyboards), Aaron Dugan (guitar), Tim Keiper (drums), and Bigyuki (keyboards). Matisyahu blends a mix of hip-hop, rap, reggae and even elements of jazz.

Initially, Matisyahu took the stage for a lengthy jam without their vocalist. Their powerful, yet tranquil sound drew in the audience. For an hour, the band played material spanning their studio releases, along with improvisational jams.

As a vocalist, Matisyahu’s ability to transition from soulful singing to beatboxing adds to the vibe of his concerts. The highly talented band members play off each other with ease, while Matisyahu slowly paced the stage and occasionally did some fancy foot work. On several occasions, when he was not singing or moving about, he would take in the audience’s reaction, bringing a smile to his face.

Matisyahu is planning to enter the studio in the fall to begin work on the next album.

With temperatures in the 90s, the audience was already warmed up, but the energy of 311 made for an even hotter evening. 311 hit the stage and immediately had the near capacity crowd on their feet, dancing, and singing. Much of the audience sang along to many of the songs, but it was more obvious on some of the bigger hits, including “Come Original” and “All Mixed Up.”

311 tore through a set that spanned their 11 studio albums. Their music blends a mix of alternative rock, rap, reggae, and funk into their distinctive style. Most of the set consisted of their more upbeat songs. However, even the slower ones like the reggae-tinged “Amber” from their 2001 release, From Chaos, had the audience engaged.

Vocalist S.A. Martinez and vocalist/guitarist Nick Hexum worked the stage, jumping, spinning, and taking turns singing. Guitarist Tim Mahoney bounced and thrashed about like a wild animal while still cranking out killer licks on the guitar. Chad Sexton on drums and bassist P-Nut provided the groove that powers the songs. A highlight of the evening was P-Nut’s bass solo where he even covered a part of the song, “Get Lucky,” by Daft Punk.

Unfortunately, what started out as a hot show was suddenly cooled off by a thunderstorm. The potential for the band and fans to be injured by winds or lightning was too much to ignore, and their set ended prematurely after about an hour. They still managed to squeeze in 13 songs. While the fans were undoubtedly disappointed the set was cut short, 311 still put on a great show.

Their shortened setlist included “Do You Right,” “Homebrew,” “Sunset In July,” “Gap,” “Galaxy,” “Five of Everything,” “Amber,” “Brodels,” “Friday Afternoon,” “Come Original,” “Bass Solo,” “T & P Combo,” “Offbeat Bare Ass,” “All Mixed Up,” “Rock On.”

311 are busy working on a new studio album for projected release in early 2017. The band is touring the US through August 17.

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