Barely together for over five years, Hollywood Undead has blazed a trail of success around the world, selling out every show on their 2013 winter tour in support of their newly released album “Notes From The Underground“. Blending their own unique twist of hip-hop and rock and roll influences amongst the seven current members of the band, they brought an energy level to Saint Andrews Hall in Detroit that would rival the output of a nuclear reactor. Clad in hockey style masks they marched to and fro across the stage, fists pumping, inciting the crowd that hardly needed any motivation to get in to the show. The fans of the sold out show responded word for word to every song the band blasted forth from their perch on the stage, a solid outpouring of support for this young band. Riding hard on the success of their most recent release, which became the #1 Rock record release this past week, each member of the band cranked it up 110% to give the young and vibrant crowd the show they came for. This is one of those bands that brings their game every night, and makes time for their fans before and after the show, hanging outside the tour bus in the frigid Detroit winter night, signing shirts, CDs, posters and copious titties late in to the night.

If you missed out on tickets for this SOLD OUT warmup tour, be sure to catch them when they return to the circuit later this year, they are anything but undead.

We also did an interview with Charlie Scene a few weeks ago in this article here:



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