Progressive metal haunted with visions of black death infect the new single called “Last Light” by Morrow.

Morrow is a new five-piece band from Seattle, Washington, who utilized masterful musical skills and their penchant for black metal to create “Last Light.” The band released this new single independently and in advance of their forthcoming full-length album. Morrow is Trevor Eulau (guitar), Drew Harper (guitar), Ben Afallouss (vocals), Arthur Evseev (bass), and Wes Hornig (drums).

At nearly 10 minutes in length, “Last Light” is an epic. An acoustic intro draped in reverb starts a musical journey that compels the listener with feelings of sorrow, pain, and in some respects, triumph. The intro gives way to blasting drums and blackened screams. This track is reminiscent of Dissection with blistering single-note runs chasing the fleeting drums in a symphonic orgy of metal.

“Last Light” derives a great deal of its appeal through the changing motifs within the song. It moves from quiet classical guitar introspection to metallic fury in a well-crafted song. Particularly well done are the guitar solos. Instead of going overboard with ultra-technical histrionics, they refrain and stick to well-phrased lines that accent the overall composition.

If there is one weakness to Morrow’s new single, it is the recording and mix. The sound quality just misses the mark in overall fidelity as is most evident in the drums which lack clarity and seem to be a bit distant in the mix.

Morrow has crafted a fine piece of black metal that incorporates many progressive elements into an intriguing new single. Hopefully, there will be a full-length offering coming soon.

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