French progressive rock band Klone have created a majestic album steeped in emotion with the release of Here Comes The Sun.

Klone have been creating music for nearly 20 years and their latest album, Here Comes The Sun, finds them perfecting their art. This album whispers and screams within a dream filled landscape of sound. The listener may be reminded of classic bands such as Marillion, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, as well as the contemporary sounds of Green Carnation and Porcupine Tree.


Opening with “Immersion,” the tone is set for the rest of the album which is somewhat dark and introspective. The delicate guitar arpeggios are layered into the wonderfully compelling vocals of Yann Ligner. His voice is melodic, emotional, and somewhat gritty. It fits perfectly with the music. The song gains pace with a triumphant wave of drum and bass, which rolls over you as saxophone and guitar solos tell melodic stories.

“Fog” features exquisite chord progressions with what sounds like an e-bow in the background. This song highlights the subtle guitar playing of Guillaume Bernard and Aldrick Guadagnino. The guitar voicing and interplay are perfect for the mood of this song. The odd meter and propelling bass lines add great color to the music.

The bass playing of Jean Etienne Maillard shines on “The Drifter.” His hypnotic bass lines combined with the ethereal guitar is fantastic. The faint touch of keyboards by Matthieu Metzger adds to the feeling of drifting as this song washes into the listener.

“The Last Experience” is a grand song that builds intensity as it travels through your mind. Soft and slightly disturbing at the start, it unfolds into a symphony of tumultuous notes, rolling drums, and discordant keyboards. The drumming of Florent Marcadet is impeccable.

Here Comes The Sun finishes with a beautiful cover of Gershwin’s “Summertime.” The sax harmonizing with vocals and countered by the deep resonate acoustic guitar is captivating. The vocal presentation highlights the deep emotion of the song. This is easily the one of the best renditions of “Summertime” and a sensational way to end a fine album.

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