Flowerpot is a three-piece all-female alternative rock band from Bristol who have just released their debut single.

The current line-up of Flowerpot have been playing together since July 2015, and in the last few months have been working hard to get it right. And this goes to prove that hard work pays off with a superb first single. Since taking over on vocals, guitarist Louisa Baker has probably had to adjust the most but has grabbed the task full-on. With Ellie Daymond (drums, backing vocals) and Morgan Pearce (bass), this is now a powerful trio of rock. They cite influences from Juliette & The Licks and Dead Sara, but you can throw some Nirvana and Runaways into that mix too, along with a slice of Chili Peppers.

The three-track single starts with the title track, “Broken Stiletto.” The funky bass of Morgan opens up to be joined by drums and guitar as the train rolls on into a great song. The rhythm section’s grooves offer a great foundation for Louisa’s riffing guitar and powerful vocals, with Ellie hitting some great drum beats. This is a catchy song indeed, one which will soon be on repeat once you start listening.

“Get To You” leads you into a false start, with the slow drums building to be joined by guitar and bass for a very Nirvana-esque grunge track. More catchy riffs and vocals soon have you singing along and nodding your head. This song could easily have been a double A-side.

The funky “Precious Little Lies” brings it all to a close way too soon. More great song(wo)manship and playing from all three girls make for another riff-laden track. Some heavy playing in the middle of the song offers a change of flow, to great effect.

A great all-round debut, from three great musicians and writers, this is surely a great sign of what’s to come. Look out for them live too – it’s no mistake that Cherie Currie asked them to support her on tour in Bristol recently.

The single is available through all usual outlets to download or to buy on CD through the band’s website.
Listen on Soundcloud here – Soundcloud

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