Eating pizza, watching horror movies, and bad guys chasing teenagers tripping over nothing. All the things you can enjoy with this EP from Kissing Candice playing in the background.

Joey Simpson (Vocals), Tommy Sciro (Guitar), Walter Dicristina (Guitar), Mike Grippo (Bass), and Marco Caruso (Drums) make up the new project from Joey, the former Dr. Acula keyboardist, Kissing Candice. This is the second EP for the guys, the first release was produced with Jeremy Comitas and entitled: Murder. Their second EP, Conjured, is coming up on its first year of being released  December of 2014. However, there is still plenty in these six cuts to be hopeful of a full L.P. album in the coming months.

Video in support of the EP, “Vagabonds”

The fog and blood almost seem to come out of the speakers to give you an idea of what to expect of Kissing Candice during a live performance. Pounding drums, screaming lyrics mixed with melodic hooks, expertly mixed in samples, and shared guitar flaying of your eardrums are all part of this album and stage show. Conjured was produced by Jeremy Comitas and was self released. This is no clueless band trying to cash in on a genre. Everything from the masks and stage show to the actual music and production is top notch. Get in on this hidden nugget from Long Island, NY and demand a full length effort from the guys.


The track list for this offering is below:
01. Summoned 1:12
02. Vagabonds 3:25
03. Successful Test 3:16
04. Nilbog 3:58
05. The Path Unworn 3:58
06. Epidemic of Ignorance 4:22


There are no current shows scheduled for Kissing Candice but keep your eyes open. It’s a show you don’t want to miss.

Photos of Kissing Candice from Dirt Fest 2014 by Thom Seling.

Kissing Candice
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